The first researcher in the field of anatomy was Leonardo da Vinci (his research remained hidden for several centuries). One can note the name of Fran├žois Rabelais - the great satirist and doctor. He publicly performed an autopsy and preached the need to study the anatomy of the dead 150 years before the birth of the "father of pathological anatomy" G. Morgagni.


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Little is known about the state organization of education and health care in this era; the transition from the dark Middle Ages to the new medicine was slow. The state of medical care in the 17th and 18th centuries was rather miserable, the poverty of knowledge was masked by abstruse reasoning, wigs and solemn robes. This position of healing is portrayed quite truthfully in Moliere's comedies. The existing hospitals provided meager assistance to the sick. Only during the Great French Revolution of 1789 did state regulation of medical education and assistance begin; for example, since 1795, by decree, compulsory education of students at the bedside of patients was introduced.

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With the emergence and development of capitalist society, medical education and the position of a practical doctor took on definite forms. Medical education is paid, and in some states it is even very expensive.

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Levitra the practice of bourgeois relations prevailed everywhere, especially in the cities.